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  1. sdu2019

    Basic craft help

    I've been looking tirelessly here on the forum for a basic crafting guide and all I've found is that they said it's kind of abandoned and that almost nobody uses it. If there is a guide someone please leave the link? I have a lot of formula cards and I don't know how to start, for example, I...
  2. P

    Feedback Craft Items

    Why not insert all kind of carft materials on PL shop? I mean, Shining Yellow Powder, etc... because there are none on AH and players usualy sell to npc so its hard to get.
  3. T

    Suggestion Change drop rate or amount of craft items

    Good day everyone, since i started to push basic craft to craft potions for pve purpose, I realised that dropable craft items are waaaay to rare to get. For example Yellow Jewel(dropped in 2stacks from mobs with 2%(!)) . You drop them pretty rare and you need 5 pieces to craft 2(+) (i.e)...
  4. JuanMarvic

    Suggestion Disc stack to 999

    Its getting bit a problem now as I am trying to craft things up.. I find it confusing to have multiple same color stack of disc in my inventory. Storage & Inventory management became a daily role now hahaha. Although this is not an urgent thing but I hope you can consider it in the near future!
  5. M

    WTB Perfect Eins Extremes for WI

    I need: - 2x Eins Frame Orb - 20+13 Crit Damage - Eins Boots WI - 10+6 amp - Eins Gloves WI - 10+6 amp IGN: Rekin

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