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    I know just post a reply to your donation event, showing my disagreement about it. Now I'm gonna give suggestion. I want to suggest you make an event same as Halloween / Christmas where we need to collect letters to redeem rewards. Instead of collecting Halloween / Christmas letter we need to...
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    Acknowledged Abandoned Senelenia Weaponary

    Hello, it was good action for u making craft option update for extreme and unique grade item. HOWEVER, I believe that Senelenia weapon deserve a justice. From my history of playing this server, I can conclude that Senelenia weapon is better than Palladium. Unfortunately, after overhaul update...
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    Suggestion DreiFrame under Archidrium

    So...guys , do you find this normal , that a set piece that needs Ultimate Cores Scrolls to be weaker as one that needs Highest? hmmmm...i find this not normal , my suggestion , adjust this DreiFrame Set , either increase values for DreiFrame/Lycanus or change the type of cores/scrolls needed...
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    Fixed Costumes.

    Hello there, I want ask about a bug or a problem with a costume file. We all know that when we wear epaulet, the costume that we wear will shine or the texture will look very sharp. It makes the costume look decent. I have this costume "Cabal High School" and it does not look shine or sharp...

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