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force blader

  1. Toxic145

    Looking for Force Blader Guide/Build/Skills

    Hey. Coming back to cabal... Is there a build/guide/Skills for Force Blader please? Thanks.
  2. M

    Suggestion FB OR WA solo dungeons

    hello, dear gentlemen and ladies, which character is good for solo dungeons
  3. Swan

    Inapplicable Attribute Change for FB's "Fire Blade"

    Hello all, As may of you may be aware of, Force Blader's "Fire Blade" buff skill gives the following status: - Attack: 140 - Critical Rate: 20% - Sword Skill Amp: 5% - Magic Skill Amp: 5% I am writing this thread to suggest that MSA5% be changed into other useful status, for example: -...
  4. HoldMyBeer

    Force Blader / Newbie Guide / Nov 2017

    This is a newbie Force Blader guide its effectiveness is based on my experience.. Stat builds Str type Dex type Skill Build PASSIVE SKILLS or (2nd one has higher matk which boosts bm1 stats) ACTIVE SKILLS Attack Skills (note: skills ordered from left to right) Quake Cataclysm...

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