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nation war

  1. LilaGiraffe

    Being Reviewed War Skilbug to get through Gate at Bases

    Hi im a BL and recently found out if u use the BM2 Special Attack as BL u can get through the gates at the Bases. If a Enemy is near or inside the gate and u use the Skill u hit him and get through the gate without Destroying. I think thats kinda unfair and would appreciate if u could fix it...
  2. HoldMyBeer

    [Event Finished]Nation War Event

    Hi everybody! What: There will be a war event at 180-200 bracket. When: Sunday, December 17, 2017 14:00 server time. Rules/Mechanics: Everyone who will be joining war will have to be online at least 5 minutes before. Attendances will be checked by us from the start and finish in...

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