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  1. xmeek

    WTT> BL palla set (amp) to FB

    Trade my BL palla set (amp) to FB (amp)
  2. BeHeoXinh

    SELL some FB set and Sword Class items !!!

    SELL full Palladium FB set (full amp) + 2 lvl 185 FB weapon (full amp) = 25b only Bonus Epaulet F have slot Amp or RSA Sell F belt + 2 = 10b BOF+9 = 3b DE+7 = 2b Ingame: BeHeoXinh (mail me ingame)
  3. L

    Buying Palla Helm FS full amp and +7earring 7%asa

    Buying FS Palla Helm +15 full amp and +7 defensive earring with 7%asa
  4. J

    WTB>>PALLA or EINS FRAME (WA) Suit/Gloves/Boots FULL AMP

    Buying Palladium or Eins Frame (WA) Suit/Gloves/Boots with Full ASA/SSA options PM or Mail me JunSabayton Thank you! :)

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