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Fixed 211th and 211th Redeem Bug

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Aug 12, 2015
Good day to the stuffs! My concern is about my redeem reward. 211th to 220th redeem gives a minimum of 7 Basic elements. Just want to clarify if the 1 basic element is the fixed reward by redeeming or is it related to the minimum counts?

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The minimum rewards for the 211th - 220th redeem rewards are the x1 Basic Element and x10 Chaos Piece. x7 Basic Elemets which u mentioned is the 2nd common reward on the list. Surely not a bug, maybe i misunderstood you
I can't see any real bug here, as we have in the rewards 10 chaos pieces is the most common reward and you will always get at least 1 basic element for every redeem. Could you explain more clearly what you think is wrong or maybe you were just confused by something?
sorry my bad :) i forgot that the 1pc basic element on the 2nd slot is the fixed reward for every redeem. :) and the random bonus reward are on the first slot of the inventory. Sorry i was confused but now i understand :) thanks
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