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Oct 29, 2016
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Good day guys, i'm here again to share a tips to earn alz for beginners/new players in this server.

the question is what method and were?and i will be answering that question base on my game experience.

So the first thing is the method,the best method is to do mid level dungeons.
farming in dungeons solo is possible for beginners with the help of starting gears you get when you create a new can sell the item drops that you dont want to npc and get a good amount of alz from it,save the cores and put it on auction house, you can also obtain rare items which you can sell to other player for a good amount of alz, and that's not all you can get from doing dungeons you can also obtain dp that you can use to buy some items in DP shop that you can find in Port lux and there is also ecoins reward that you can use to buy in item shop and webshop.

and this is the answer for the question were.

(here is the list and the important item that you can obtain there.)

  • eod - mergaheps ring, str/int rune
  • eod part 2 - killians limbic tonsil,
  • altar of siena 1 - magic attack/attack rune, perfect core highest
  • altar of siena 2 - max crit rate rune, perfect core highest
  • illusion castle - cores, perfect core highest
  • ft1 - pet untrain kit selective, perfect core highest
In ft1 you can kill only the first boss and exit dungeon then enter again to farm fast for Pet Untrain kit(Selective) it drops in 5 stack that you can sell for around 500-650m.

Thats all for my farming tips, May the God of RNG blesses you all a good harvest,GL and happy farming :D

If you have any questions feel free to ask me on game or in discord channel
IGN: IrohaChan
Discord OGN channel: bryz
Discord id : Kamiya Yato#8281
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