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Cabalidays 2022


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Oct 19, 2014
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The Cabalidays are here and the events are arriving as well.

Cabalidays Monster Hunt and Exchange Event
There are two ways to participate in this event and collect event items:

  • Running specific dungeons (check the list below)
  • Playing on Cabalidays I and Cabalidays II event channels
On event channels you can visit Bloody Ice, Desert Scream, Green Despair and Undead Ground to find Couple Snowman, GM Franky, Keshapone Minisha, Dark Kimzark and Bad Santa.
They will drop awesome items but do not underestimate them, party up with your friends before you attempt to hunt them!

Couple Snowman:

  • Item Drop: Costumes and Present (Lv.1)
  • Respawn: Unknown

GM Franky:
  • Item Drop: Cabaliday Stars and Present (Lv.3-Lv.4)
  • Respawn: Unknown

  • Item Drop: Cabaliday Stars and Present (Lv.3-Lv.4)
  • Respawn: Unknown

  • Item Drop: Cabaliday Stars and Present (Lv.3-Lv.4)
  • Respawn: Unknown

Bad Santa:
  • Item Drop: Cabaliday Stars and Present (Lv.3-Lv.4)
  • Respawn: Unknown

Silver Ornaments and Gold Ornaments are found in dungeons and can be exchanged at Yul for Presents.
Each Present has the chance to give a higher level Present and the higher the level of the Present, the better rewards.
Presents contain lots of valuable rewards and they are the main source of Cabaliday Stars.
Cabaliday Stars are the main currency to exchange at Yul for a lot of items, including Christmas themed costumes, bikes and more.

Dungeons with Silver Ornament drops:

  • Frozen Tower of Undead (B1F)
  • Frozen Tower of Undead (B2F)
  • Maquinas Outpost
  • Abandoned City
  • Holy Windmill
  • Flame Nest
  • Frozen Canyon
Dungeons with Gold Ornament drops:
  • Forgotten Temple (B1F)
  • Illusion Castle Underworld
  • Maquinas Outpost
  • Tower of Undead (B3F)
  • Forgotten Temple B3F
  • Mirage Island
  • Ancient Tomb
  • Terminus Machina
For more information and detailed droplist and exchange list, check the Cabalidays mini page by clicking here.


The event will start on the 9th of December, 2022 22:00 Server Time and will end on the 9th of January (Monday), 2023 Midnight Server Time

Enjoy the Cabalidays and stay tuned for more!
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