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Fixed Chaos Infinity

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Jul 30, 2015

I just tried Chaos Infinity, and it feels so underwhelming. Since a while back u adjusted the stats of the mobs its impossible to finish without veradrix which is fine, okay. What i dont like is as a Force Archer u spend like 30-40 protection of veradrix on it, but the drop isnt satisfying.
Firstly u spend at least 15kk to craft the entry even if u had every other materials. (every other dungeon entries can be dropped except aft2 but its drop is goooood). Understandable that the first part doesnt rly drop valuable stuff (i mean fch and uch) but since even the hardest part drops the same too ( okay, sometimes uchh and fchh) it doesnt worth to even try the dungeon. (Whole dungeon drop in the attached screenshot)
What i want to suggest is that lower the mobs' stats to not hit that hard or increase the droprate of valuable items (like got 3 chaos pieces from legendary chest which is nothing.. :DD).
Thanks in advance!


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Yeah i noticed that also... i farmed x2 and no more for me cuz drop is crappy atm, hope they change it or atleast decrease the stats on mobs. +1 Zoldy
I try this one.. It's auto field when I die
The dungeon will get a boost in one of the upcoming updates.
On the next update the adjusted drops for Chaos Infinity will be implemented.

Thank you for your patience.
Not open for further replies.

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