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Easter Event 2022

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Oct 19, 2014
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Easter Event 2022

Every year as Easter comes the Easter Rabbit releases its minions to invade so the people of Nevareth must stop them. But with every fight comes a prize!
Farm the different types of materials from these Rabbits and exchange them for Easter Eggs at NPC YUL in Bloody Ice!

  • Spell Capsule
  • Leaf of spring
  • Water of Life
  • Phoenix Feather
  • Wood Ear Mushrooms
  • Secret Recipe


Once you exchange the materials for an Easter Egg and crack it, depending on the type you exchanged for, you will get 1-3-5-100, 100 or 1000 Hatched Eggshells! For details, check the description of the Easter Egg before exchanging.

There are two special Easter Eggs that you can purchase with Alz. Inside them you can find a Gift Box with an EXCLUSIVE Bunny Girl Costume, Bunny Girl Hair or Bunny Girl Tokens.
The chance of getting the costume and hair are not high but if you are unlucky on cracking the Eggs do not desperate because once you gathered 1000 Bunny Girl Tokens you can exchange them for a Gift Box with the costume or the hair.

The most important item is the Hatched Eggshell because with it you can get SPECIAL EVENT ITEMS. You can get the Steampunk Weapons and Body costumes, PERMANENT ANIMATED WINGS, Lightning Elements, Divine Stones, AP Saver and a lot more. For more details check Yul in Bloody Ice.

Easter Rabbit spawn locations:
  • In Undead Ground, Forgotten Ruin, Lakeside spawns Novice Easter Rabbit
  • In Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum, Porta Inferno spawns Regular Easter Rabbit
  • In Arcane Trance, Senillinea, Nostalgia Forest spawns Master Easter Rabbit
  • Easter Event I and Easter Event II

  • Six Novice Easter Rabbits on each spot, each monster drops 1 of each materials
  • Six Regular Easter Rabbits on each spot, each monster drops 2 of each materials
  • Six Master Easter Rabbits on each spot, each monster drops 3 of each materials

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