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Emergency Update 03-July-2024


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Oct 19, 2014
The World
Greetings Nevarethians!
Today we are here to announce some important changes about server and client stability.
Let's get into the details.

Critical Bug Fix:
We have done a lot of tests during the last few days and we have found a limitation of the game server and client that would create disconnections and rollbacks for players in certain scenarios.
These in the past would happen rarely, as we had no custom systems implemented. The more and more we added, the more it started to appear.
Without getting too technical, I will describe as best as I can the issue, so everyone can have an idea what is going on.

Server side, all the characters receive a slot when logged in and this slot will contain all information for that character (runes, skills, quickslots, passives, honor medal, collection, inventory, warehouse, etc...).
The data from the slot is saved to the database with an interval of N seconds.
What we encountered, that with all the storage that players started using after the multi client deactivation, the data in this slot described above started growing a lot.
This slot has a limit to its size, and if it grows above that limit, the character will be disconnected and no data will be updated in the database.

Why is it happening now? This is partially due to us implementing many custom systems and their data is also inserted and held in the slot described above.

This situation, would very quickly escalate into many rollbacks and corruption of storage data for characters, as soon as more and more players would advance with their characters.

We have researched this and while we have some ideas how to prevent this in the future, currently the only possible workaround we can do, is to disable the 8th tab of the warehouse completely to avoid the server side slot growing above its limit and causing mass corruption and rollbacks.

What we will do with this maintenance?
1. We will be runing a tool that will remove all purchased Nr. 8 Blessing Beads from all possible locations, they will be refunded to all users who bought them
2. We will be running a tool that will deactivate the already activated Nr. 8 Blessing Beads for all users, these will also be refunded to all users who had them activated
3. We will be creating an exact copy of the 8th warehouse of all users who had items placed there, and we will be sending them back manually to all users via the cash inventory
4. Nr. 8 Blessing Beads will be completely removed from the N shop and the vCoin shop

Additionally, all other beads that extend warehouse storage receive a drop in their price to 799 eCoins.

Client and Server Stability:
Our customizations all require both server and client side extensions. Previously, we had some data that was loaded on the server and sent to all users by the server.
This is no longer the case, all players receive the data initially, that is required by the client when they first start the game and connect.
Server also receives only the required data initially, so it will no longer receive extra load from handling all users separately, as this was now separated.
So basically, a huge part of our customizations were rebuilt in the hope of improving performance for both the server and the client, please give us feedback about this, so we can further improve!

That is all for todays emergency update, however you might ask, what about some new content?
New content is being prepared in a much bigger patch and will be release at the end of the currently running Summer Event Pass and Summer Showdown!
Without much spoilers, the new content will include the new Celestia dungeon, new collections in the Collection System, drop tweaks and additional tweaks/changes suggested by the players.
Okay, you guys know I always like to give a little peak at what is comming, so one more, this image contains major spoilers, so only check if you cannot wait for the update itself :)

Intentionally not showing more, so we can still have some surprizes :)
These or simmilar things were suggested for a very long time, and now they are in the works, coming very soon.
All these are being created to help newbies as well as reward those dedicated, who play the game.
While nothing is carved in stone, all you can see above will be available entirely free to all players. We are thinking of providing a premium tier on the Battle Pass, but it is not yet decided.

Now for real, that is all for today!
Enjoy the game and stay tuned!
Additional info:
1. Some users might still have some items left in their 8th tab, to avoid the possible complications we advice to move it out from that tab. Later we will come up with a solution to automatically move all those items or backup them and clear the tab. Today only 14 users were affected with removal of items from warehouse, but we found out there are more who have items remaining in 8th tab.
We will be building a full list for these 14 users, to send items back ;)
Please cooperate for the sake of your characters, thanks once more!
2. It will take us to build up a proper list of all users who had these beads removed from their storage or after activation, so we ask for your patience.
As soon as we have the list, their prices will be refunded directly to your accounts and some compensation will be also applied ;)
Thank you for the patience and once again, sorry for the inconvenience.
Was the up coming update will also comes up with extreme upgrade, divine upgrade, etc as well?

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