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Oct 20, 2014
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As you might have noticed the past few hours the forums and website were not accessible.
This happened because we have upgraded it to version 2.x.x from version 1.x.x

This upgrade will bring a lot of improvements and functionality features.

One of the important changes we managed to accomplish is simplifying the Forum Account and Cabal Account linking.

From now at the moment you will register an account in the website you will be able to directly create an account there for the forums also or directly link it with an existing forum account. Forum registration through the forum page is disabled and no accounts will ever be created unless they are created through the website.

Also if you already have a forum account and a game account and you haven't linked them so far you can still do it if you go on website enter the

ACCOUNT -> PROFILE then select the FORUM ACCOUNT tab.
2020-03-12 23_00_11-Forum Account - Cabal World.png

A linked forum with game account will be automatically synced with user-group upgrades depending on what you donated for. Donating for eCoins will get your accounts the status of eCoin Trader, donating for Professional Attempts will get your account the status of Master Enchanter and donating for for Gold Premium Service will get your account the status of Gold Member.
This is how a linked forum with game account profile will look, if you dont have any linked you will just need to follow the screen guide when you access the FORUM ACCOUNT tab on the website.
2020-03-12 22_55_33-Forum Account - Cabal World.png

If you link a discord account with you forum account, here, you will also have this rankings automatically synced with the discord account and you will have full access to our discord server.

Now you might notice that some functions that were active on the version 1.x.x of the forum are not working anymore, that is because the plugins we used for that are either discontinued or I haven't got to updated them so far.

But as it is now the most basic forum functionality is ok and working so we are good to go with our new forum :D


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Jul 19, 2018
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Cykros you put all the languages missing the Italian one

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