New Report Guild Notice & Introduction changing bug?... + Guild Recruitment


Jan 13, 2021
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Hi! i noticed that i cant change the Guild notice and/or introduction (i'm a Guild Master) everytime when i write something in to the guild notice or introduction (the same goes with the Guild Website)and i click to OK button then the panel disappear (guess this is what its have to do anyway) then i see no change, i open the Guild Notice panel again (where i can change the notice & introduction & website) then i see there is nothing (i even tried to relog but no change), i uploaded a video from it too so its easier to understand and clearer the thing to see whats really happening :)

BTW yea i created a guild and i hope i can create a great community within it, but to tell the truth, i dont really have any plans with this guild since im playing for fun (and well, i'm someone who is love to costumize his character with the costumes and stuff so i dont really like Hardcore playing or PVP's (...yea im still Neutral so what? maybe im trying to reach hr20 without tg's... XD), i just doing PVE stuff and i trying to get some nice costumes while i'm doing dungeons with my Lovely BL :h: :D) SO, i'm waiting any lvl, age, gender or race (yea you even can be an alien i dont care if we have fun together :h:) players who wants to join to the guild and want to play alongside with me, having fun together or just want to speak with each other. Feel Free to come and join to the guild, if you dont like it you still can just leave. (Guild name: Agony) Or if you are a solo player and dont want to join to any guild still, feel free to send a whisp or mail and speak with me in game if you feel like you are alone and just want to speak with someone. (I'm online all the time so i'm sure your whisper reach me. Character name: Rizubetto)
P.S. sorry if my english is bad or not correct in some places but im still learning it, and i'm a new player so i dont really know too much from the server (i looked up some places and tried to find any post from this guild notice thing before i writed it to make sure dont write it multiple times the same thing) so i accept any help and many hearts :h: :h: good luck for yall and let's have fun together ^-^


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