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I need some information.


Feb 7, 2015
Hello. I'm looking for a new Cabal server to play and I found this one. Before I actually start playing I'd like to know a few things.
1- What is the casting time on WA's BM3 A/B Skill ? Is it 1.5 sec ( >.< ) or got updated to 1.3 sec ( :h: ) ?
2- What are these 2handed/1handed weapons from webshop ?
3- When you create a character do you receive a starter pack and if you do , is the bm3 included
Hi BegTse,

A1. I'm not sure, I use FB and I think it is 1.3 sec. :D

A2. 2Handed weapon set:
+ Great Swords/ Dai katana/ war axe / war hammer / war mace/ war spear & war scythe. For WA class only.
1Handed weapon set:
+ Blade / katana / battle axe / battle hammer / battle mace & battle scythe is for BL, FS & FB class.
+ Orb /crystal for WI, FS & FB class.
+ Dagger (BL class only).
+ Battle spear (WI class only).
Too many right? because we have cool new custom weapon sets.

A3. No starter pack for newbies, we should vote to earn vCoin, to buy your first bm3 skill book & lots of useful things ingame. (Don't worry, more great updates to come for us)

Read this thread for more info. http://forum.olympusgn.com/threads/redemption-cabal-new-begining.334/

Enjoy playing here! :angel:
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