More ways of Donating For PH players(Razer Gold & Silver)


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Oct 29, 2016
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Want to donate but don't have cards/bank or paypal account? no need to worry there is more than one way to solve your troubles, our server supports top up from "Payment wall" that offers a lot of method and one off them is via "Razer Gold & Silver" and in this thread i will teach you how to do it ;)

So for the first step is the create a "Razer Gold & Silver" account. Click here
  • after registering add your mobile number to your account (you will be needing it for confirmation when you reload and make transactions)
  • when account set up is finish go to this page to see where you can buy and method how to reload on your account - Click here
  • Now after reloading on your Razer ID go to the donation module on our website click on what you want to donate for(ecoins/premium service) then click on payment wall and Choose the razer gold & silver,pick the amount of donation you want to do and click on the "BUY ECOIN,ECOINS" button.
  • a new window will appear to complete the confirmation of the transaction(make sure you have reload enough amount with the amount you choose to donate)
  • You'll recieve a confirmation on the mobile number associated with your Razer ID, type in the code and click in proceed to finish the transaction.
Now you can buy ecoins by just loading up your mobile number.
Hope this guide will be useful ;)

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