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My absence

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Oct 20, 2014
Due to a recent death in my family i wasn't able to come online or work on the updates for redemption and titans.
Starting from Friday evening i will be back to work.

Hope you will all understand me and we will talk latter.
Sad to hear this,
Whomever she/he may be,
let him or her rest in peace.
She/he is now on a better place.
Take your time,
I am not sure what about Redemption,
but our Titans are doing very well and the Community does grow up still.
Personal stuff should be 'done' first of all so 'we' surely can wait for you being ready
to continue working on the Servers (speaking for Titans).

my condolence, even tho I do not know the person who died,
as long as you don't forget about him/her he/she wont be gone at all
and may even be on a good place. :)
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Cykros ,
You never should have deserved this for losing a precious family member,
But even how hard this world is we cannot prevent people from dieing and have to endure it sadly...
We all feel and share our feelings with you and may your family member rest in peace.
My condolence to you, and hope you can keep your head up, because she/he is on a better place now..
We all love you in this community and we will support you when you returns on friday!

Hope my support helps you a bit & hope also you will be strong and support your precious family members also that has to endure the pain with you.

My Condolence once again & Stay strong!
Not open for further replies.

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