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Fixed Random death location (Mission War)

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We will be checking Nation War, but we do not think this is an AOE hacker.
If you look closely in the video you will see yourself once BlackWesT or Shamarah walks in the same spot as you they do not die or get hit from it.

But from now on we will check any mission war, and will have to look how you are able to die from that spot...
im not sure what happend exactly i was not able to see any enemies in sight while u were getting killed out of nowhere,i admit its odd, let us know if it happens again.
It happened again, and here the location of where the players currently died at.

I remember this kind of situation not so long ago in old redemption, me and my fellow staff was playing TG at that time and she was on the opposing nation. I killed her and left her dead character then suddenly a seconds later I died without any reason, but not 1 hit its like something or some1 is hitting me. Then I pm her at skype and told her that there is a hacker on cap side and told her what happened. She laughed at me and said she was the one who killed me. I do believe that this is a some kind of a bug in TG, when you killed some1 and you left them and they use odd circle it does sometimes happened that you can't see the dead character resurrect and you'll just die without a fight. But still let our staff investigate the situation if this is a bug or someone is using AOE hack on TG. :complacenttiger:
I experienced that kind of death before, but they said its a bug. Oh well, maybe or maybe not. My HP kept on going down, and down and down but nobody seems to be around.
I think the reason is ODD + Normal spawn. So simply means when you use odd on ur 1st death and use the normal spawn in ur 2nd death in TG causes body bug or should we say ur character is on the spot where u use odd on the 1st death.
It's ghost bug. Your char is visible for the enemy on another spot then u actually are and sometimes u can get killed by this. In my YEARS of tg experience i had that bug kinda often, the worst case is if u just started bm and die like this -_-. This bug can't be fixed from our admins i think. It's implented from the game developer.
Its true and sad that we cant really fix this bug for now, we will try to look deeper in the game code but we cant promise anything for now.
Do you have a image which clearly shows their full WAR Number?
im sorry but through the picture its impossible for us to identify who it is, next time make sure you have the full warnumber shown.. that is if you encounter the FB once again.
This is not a hacker or anything like that, we've made a thread in bug section about random hit spots, what you had to do was giving me the coordinates to let us fix it because this is something what's happening quite often that somebody get's hitted by literally ''nothing''

Thread moved.
I'll get the location myself by looking at the screenshots, for now this thread has been merged with the bug thread, Thank you for the report.

Happy Gaming,
That's strange. I've never seen or heard such bugs like that. I think I won't participate in the TG for the following days.
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