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Oct 19, 2014
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Quality of Life and Security

Lately we have been developing and testing a new system that opened up a lot of options for us.
On the 1st of March, 2022 we deployed it and it is already running on the live server.
Here are a few things that the new service will allow us:
  • Track real time everything ingame like trading, warping, renaming character, renaming/leveling/sealing pet, learning/upgrading skills, etc...
    We are continuously monitoring and adding as many things as we can so we will be able to track anything on the server
  • We can display a lot of statistics for players such as total items or total alz dropped in a daily/weekly/monthly format
  • We can display real time statistics as well, like alz dropping (or any item for that matter), PK information in realtime
  • Bugs are now easier to track with the existing server logs and the data from new system
  • Hacks are now easier to identify and track since they also generate data and with improper values
  • RMT is easy to track down, we can now see the road of an item from the moment it is picked/bought till the final destination
    Trading, auctioning, selling in private shop, dropping, mailing, etc... It will not matter, we can see where the item started from and where it arrived
  • Trade scammers will be easy to identify, exactly like with the RMT, we can track down every step from beginning to end
A lot more is already possible, but it would take a lot to list everything and we are actively developing more and more.
All data from the new service is saved, logged (to access it later at any time).
This will ensure a more secure environment both for the players and staff members and will make the server settings more transparent for players while also providing quality of life changes and additions.

New Content Coming Soon™

Our goal for content updates is to add all possible new systems available on the latest episode and add customized ones on top of these. While some can be implemented more easily, others require a lot more time, planning and might be a lot harder to implement due to the game limitations.

We decided that with most of the upcoming updates we want to do the following:
  1. Add 1-2 missing dungeons (we have prepared a list with all missing dungeons we need to add, including the refreshed dungeons like EOD1-2)
  2. Add a purpose for the added dungeons, such as a new system that requires the player to go to this dungeon for craft materials or new items
  3. Make sure the mentioned new system is worthy for the player and the dungeon/boss drop is also worthy, so the player will enjoy it
These are the main goals for each update, but each update can include tweaks, fixes, changes if needed and more customized content if we feel it is ready for release.
Release dates for the upcoming updates are not fixed/known, therefor we will not give ETA, but just a small hint from me, they are coming as soon as possible :)


That is all for now, enjoy the game and stay tuned for more! :)

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