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Update 06-September-2023


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Oct 20, 2014
Introducing Basic Craft
  • We are delighted to introduce the Basic Craft system, where you can now elevate your crafting skills up to level 7.
  • This system offers a diverse array of potent potions waiting to be unlocked.
  • Every essential material and Formula card required for crafting is now attainable through various means: drops, interactions with NPCs, and the Destroy system.
  • As we carefully monitor the system's evolution in-game, we remain open to your suggestions for potential crafting additions. Your input is highly valued.

Mercenaries Changes
  • We've made significant enhancements to our Mercenaries shop, categorizing it into three distinct sections: Covenant, Faith, and Dazzlement mercenaries.
  • To enhance your dungeon experiences, we've boosted the combat effectiveness of all mercenaries.
  • Acquiring mercenaries is now more accessible, with options to obtain them using DP for Normal and Rare types, or eCoins (including bonus eCoins) for Rare and Unique mercenaries.
2023-09-06 12_45_28-Cabal World - Test Client.png

Arcane Trace Mobs EXP Value Re-adjusted

We have meticulously re-adjusted the EXP values for Arcane Trace Mobs, aiming to resolve the issue where players were not gaining additional EXP after defeating larger groups of mobs. Your feedback on this matter is greatly anticipated following the update.​

New Weapon Costumes (Can be found in Bazaar->Item Shop -> Costumes -> "Weapon costume category")
  • [Costume] Kids Toy Orb
  • [Costume] Kids Toy Katana
  • [Costume] Kids Toy Blade
  • [Costume] Kids Toy Crystal
  • [Costume] Kids Toy Daikatana
  • [Costume] Kids Toy Greatsword
  • [Costume] Kids Toy Chakram
  • [Costume] Pixel Weapon Orb
  • [Costume] Pixel Weapon Katana
  • [Costume] Pixel Weapon Blade
  • [Costume] Pixel Weapon Crystal
  • [Costume] Pixel Weapon Daikatana
  • [Costume] Pixel Weapon Greatsword
  • [Costume] Pixel Weapon Chakram
2023-09-05 16_49_04-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_54_35-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 17_02_06-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 17_31_08-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 17_39_02-Cabal World - Test Client.png
2023-09-05 16_49_59-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_59_52-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 17_01_52-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 17_31_26-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 17_39_16-Cabal World - Test Client.png

New Body Costumes (Can be found in Bazaar->Item Shop -> Costumes -> Body Costumes)
  • [Costume] Forest Guardian
  • [Costume] Siamese Dress
  • [Costume] Traditional Filipino Dress
  • [Costume] Liberty Lady and Gentleman
  • [Costume] Royal Dog Suit
  • [Costume] Chicken Suit
  • [Costume] English Football Uniform
  • [Costume] German Football Uniform
  • [Costume] Italian Football Uniform
  • [Costume] Turkish Football Uniform
  • [Costume] Aizhan Dress
  • [Costume] Stripe Suit
2023-09-05 16_25_50-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_27_05-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_27_44-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_28_14-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_31_18-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_31_32-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_32_00-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_32_10-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_32_15-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_32_19-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_32_57-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_33_55-Cabal World - Test Client.png

New Head Costumes (Can be found in Bazaar->Item Shop -> Costumes -> Head/Funny Head Costumes)
  • [Costume] Forest Guardian Hair
  • [Costume] Siamese Dress Face
  • [Costume] Traditional Filipino Hair
  • [Costume] Liberty Lady and Gentleman Hair
  • [Costume] Charisma Panda Helmet
  • [Costume] Cute Devil Face
  • [Costume] Sheep Doll Mask
  • [Costume] Lion Face
  • [Costume] Elk Helmet
  • [Costume] Golden Buddha
  • [Costume] Gas Mask
  • [Costume] Gatekeeper of Hell
  • [Costume] Stag of Bloody Ice
  • [Costume] Aizhan Face
2023-09-05 16_36_58-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_37_18-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_37_22-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_37_25-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_37_28-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_37_31-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_37_34-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 16_37_41-Cabal World - Test Client.png

Older Body Costume Changes
  • [Costume] Charisma Panda no longer functions as a full-body costume; the helmet costume will be separate from the body.
  • [Costume] Bounty Hunter's model no longer includes wings.
  • [Costume] Archfiend Armor's model no longer includes wings.
  • [Costume] Welcome to Nightmare's model no longer includes wings.
  • [Costume] Suit of Vampire's model no longer includes wings.
  • [Costume] In the case of the "Good and Evil" costume, the wings have been removed from the female model.

Please note: We are aware that not all body, head, and weapon costumes are compatible with the wrapping system (adding them in gift boxes). Rest assured, we are actively working to integrate all of them into the system as quickly as possible.

Astral Vehicles System Reworked

We are thrilled to introduce the Astral Shapes, a remarkable addition to our Astral Vehicles system. These shapes can be utilized at Core Alchemists in the Change Appearance section. They not only alter the visual appearance of your bike but also provide a substantial speed boost of +200.
The success rate for changing vehicle appearance stands at an impressive 100%.

To access the Change Appearance system, you will require one Astral Bike/Mount Shape, one Astral Bike, and 2,000,000,000 Alz.
The changed bike will be at your disposal for 30 days.
2023-09-05 17_47_11-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 17_47_20-Cabal World - Test Client.png2023-09-05 17_47_35-Cabal World - Test Client.png

The following Astral Shapes are available for a reasonable cost of 10,000 Gems
, ensuring accessibility for all players and contributing to the server's support:
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Mythical Lion (White)
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Mythical Lion (Black)
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Mythical Lion (Red)
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Mythical Lion (Blue)
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Chirpy the Explorer
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Chirpy the Gladiator
  • [Astral Mount Shape] King Leo the Sky Guardian
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Red Beetle
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Yellow Beetle
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Green Beetle
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Knight Dragon
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Red Knight Dragon
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Black Knight Dragon
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Ghost Knight
  • [Astral Bike Shape] Skull Bike
  • [Astral Bike Shape] Red Bull
  • [Astral Bike Shape] Mech Plasma
  • [Astral Bike Shape] Steampunk Replica
  • [Astral Bike Shape] Liberty Bike
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Liberty Chirpy
  • [Astral Bike Shape] Carnaval Bike
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Carnaval Chirpy
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Royal Chirpy
  • [Astral Mount Shape] Transport Machine
The following Astral Shapes can be obtained for 10,000 Ecoins (including bonus eCoins):
  • [Astral Bike Shape] Blue
  • [Astral Bike Shape] RW3
  • [Astral Bike Shape] Red Flare
  • [Astral Bike Shape] PW5
  • [Astral Bike Shape] Crysis
  • [Astral Bike Shape] QW7
  • [Astral Bike Shape] Crystal Blue
  • [Astral Bike Shape] Crystal RW3
  • [Astral Bike Shape] Blue Flare
  • [Astral Bike Shape] Crystal PW5
  • [Astral Bike Shape] Crystal Crysis
Bike Speed Reworked:
  • Offensive bikes now have a base speed of 850.
  • Defensive bikes now have a base speed of 750, including event bikes.
  • Bikes equipped with shapes will receive an additional bonus of 200 speed, in addition to the 200 gained from upgrading to +20.

Please be aware: All existing astral mounts on the server will be transformed into their "clone" astral bikes. This change will retain your current stats while altering the visual appearance.

Astral Bike Card: Crysis
We've updated its visual design and enabled the coating kit to function with it.
Variant: Dark Ultra Marine preview

Auction House / Market
Our Auction House and Market have been meticulously updated to align with the latest items and changes.
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We forgot to mention that the issue with disappearing Mission War points should be resolved with this update. However, if you still encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your feedback is valuable in ensuring a smooth gaming experience.
We're thrilled to share that the maintenance has concluded successfully, and the server is back online without any issues. As part of the update, the Bazaar now features new costumes, astral shapes, and head costumes, which even include some humorous ones!

Additionally, we're actively working on implementing a preview system. This feature will enable you to examine each costume in greater detail, giving you a better sense of their appearance.
so now how can i crafting tempus and cursed leth ring sir ?

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