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Update 08-July-2024


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Oct 19, 2014
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Greetings Nevarethians!
Today we are here to announce some fixes and imporvements to the server and client stability.
Let's get into the details.

Fixed client functions that caused animation issues when moving around with keyboard keys.
Fixed Honor Medal UI bug, where it would open the GPS window when Shift+M was pressed in Mission War.
Fixed missing drops for the collection system, where certain items would not drop without craft but the collection required them.
Fixed the droplist display for Enhanced and Superior cores, now they will properly show up in the drop list, the live search and any other page, such as warehouse or inventory as well.

Reworked the client <> server communication for a more responsive experience.

As we have previously announced, we found issues with the storage, and due to this we have decided to disable warehouse nr. 8.
We would like to kindly ask all players to move items out from there, untill we can come up with a good solution.
We will be working on a new module on our website, a Web Locker, where you will have 1,000 slots where you will be able to store items that are not frequently used and later claim it back to your ingame warehouse/inventory.

That is all for today, we will now start preparing the update for the Celestia dungeon and everything related.
So stay tuned and have fun!

P.S.: As always, please report any bugs or suggestions via our discord server.

Have a nice day!

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