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Update 11-Jan-2023


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Oct 19, 2014
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We present you our newest update, which brings the brand new item grade, Dragonium for the public via crafting and drops, changes for rune upgrades, changes to the professional crafting and many more changes and additions to existing systems.
Let's get to the details.

Dragonium Grade availability:
  • Added Dragonium to the change appearance system at core alchemists
  • Added Dragonium to the item extract system
  • Added Dragonium to the enchanting system (bind, unbind and option removing)
  • Added Dragonium set effects for each class
  • Added and enabled Dragonium in the auction house
Added Dragonium epaulets to Bazaar, Gem Shop.
We are also running a discount for 1 week on the Dragonium Epaulets!
Don't miss the chance of getting one!

Craft System:

Dragonium was added to the professional crafting.
Professional crafting now requires items from the same grade as material.
For example if you want to craft Dragonium Blade, it will ask for a Dragonium Blade for Craft
Demonite and Dragonium crafting now has more options.
You can craft with a normal Shape Cartridge and have a randomized craft outcome, or you can craft with a Legendary Shape Cartridge and get a guaranteed Legendary crafted item.
Each Shape Cartridge will now show the chances of the possible outcomes.

Items for Craft are now available in the following dungeons (check drop list for more info):
  • Illusion Castle Radiant Hall
    • Common Drop - Mithril for Craft
  • Forbidden Island
    • Common Drop - Archridium for Craft
  • Maquinas Outpost
    • Common Drop - Drei Frame & Lycanus for Craft
  • Pandemonium
    • Legacy Chest - Palladium for Craft
  • Devil's Tower
    • Legacy Chest - Demonite for Craft
  • Devil's Tower (Part2)
    • Legacy Chest - Dragonium for Craft

Drop changes:

Added Demonite for Craft items in Devil's Tower
Added Dragonium for Craft items in Devil's Tower (Part2)
Added Dragonium Epaulets in the following dungeons:
  • Forgotten Temple B3F
  • Mirage Island
  • Ancient Tomb
  • Terminus Machina
Added Devil's Token (High) to Pandemonium
Added Devil's Token (Highest) to Devil's Tower
Added Devil's Token (Ultimate) to Devil's Tower (Part2)

Rune upgrade changes:

To upgrade Essence Runes you no longer need Divine Stones but Divine Essences.
Divine Essences are extracted from Divine Stones, visit Youta (Craft Merchant) for assistance.

Other changes:

Divine System changes:
  • Divine Stone is now a stackable item.
  • Divine Kit is now a stackable item.
  • Divine Kit is not a box anymore, but a material used to exchange (along with other materials) at Youta (Craft Merchant) for Divine Stones.

Youta (Craft Merchant) now has 2 shops available:
  • Craft Items and Materials
    • Craft materials such as Divine Stone, Force Core (Piece), Upgrade Core (Piece) are available here.
    • Divine Essence +1 ~ +20 are are also available here for exchange
  • Specialized Craft (Cartridges)
    • Normal and Legendary Shape Cartridges are available here
Chloe (Craft Merchant) changes:
  • Moved Force Core (Piece) and Upgrade Core (Piece) to Youta (Craft Merchant)
  • Reorganized shop layout to ease the finding of desired formulars
Eite (Epaulets Service Center) additions and improvements:
  • Added formular for Unseal Charm (Dragonium)
  • Added Sealed Epaulets for Dragonium grade.
  • Improved the opening rates of Palladium epaulets
  • Greatly improved opennig rates for Drei Frame, Archridium, Mithril and SIGMetal
Devil Merchant Secubo and Devil Merchant Incubo changes:
  • Moved all quests for entry items to Devil Merchant Incubo
    • Added more quests for entry items, now you can get 3 entries for Pandemonium, Devil's Tower and Devil's Tower (Part2) daily from Devil Merchant Incubo
  • Devil Merchant Secubo is now the Devil's Token trader.
    • She no longer sells Material Cubes for 1 alz, but you can exchange your tokens for materials directly.
    • New currency, Devil's Token (Ultimate), added to the game and is available in Devil's Tower (Part2)
    • Trading tokens for materials are now available like this:
      • Devil's Token (High) - SIGMetal
      • Devil's Token (Highest) - Mithril, Archridium and Drei Frame / Lycanus
      • Devil's Token (Ultimate) - Palladium, Demonite and Dragonium






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