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Update 22-June-2024


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Oct 19, 2014
The World
Greetings Nevarethians!
Today we are here to announce our newest update, with fixes, tweaks and new content.
Let's get into the details.

Collection System:

Implemented a brand new, official like Collection System.
Due to this, the old collection system is now called Consume System, where you will still be able to convert items into force gem pieces.

The system is account wide, so all characters can be used to collect items and rewards as well.
The new system UI can be opened by pressing Shift+R.

The system has 2 types of rewards:
  • Item rewards for completing objectives inside categories.
  • Force rewards for completing partial and entire categories.
  • Force rewards are split into 3 stages in each category:
    • Stage 1 at 30%
    • Stage 2 at 60%
    • Stage 3 at 100%
  • Each objective completed will contribute to the total % for the category
Requirements, forces or rewards that do not exist in our Episode were replaced with custom ones.
There are a few known bugs, such as the pagination sometimes acting weird and the collection tooltips will overlap other opened windows.
The Complete List button is currently not opening the list of claimed stats because it is not yet 100% done so it was disabled for now.
We are working on them and will release fixes as soon as we have them ready.

Note: We are launching 9 categories, 3 in Dungeon, 3 in World and 3 in Special tabs. We will keep adding new categories to all the tabs in upcoming patches.


Hourly eCoins Removal + New way of rewarding online time:

The hourly eCoins are being entirely removed, as it is a very deprecated non-rewarding system.
With the removal comes a new addition in the form of the Special Inventory Blessing Bead.
The bead has been entirely reworked and can be purchased for 120 vCoins in the Vcoins Shop at YUL in Bloody Ice with a duration of 10 hours.
Here is a list of the time spent online required + the rewards:
  • 5 minutes - Potion of Luck - 3.000.000 ALz
  • 10 minutes - Potion of Luck - 3.000.000 ALz
  • 15 minutes - Potion of Luck - 3.000.000 ALz
  • 20 minutes - Potion of Luck - 3.000.000 ALz
  • 25 minutes - Potion of Luck - 3.000.000 ALz
  • 35 minutes - Potion of Luck - 5.000.000 ALz
  • 45 minutes - Potion of Luck - 5.000.000 ALz
  • 55 minutes - Potion of Luck - 5.000.000 ALz
  • 65 minutes - Potion of Luck - 5.000.000 ALz
  • 80 minutes - Potion of Luck - 5.000.000 ALz
  • 95 minutes - Potion of Luck - 5.000.000 ALz
  • 110 minutes - Potion of Luck - 5.000.000 ALz
  • 125 minutes - Potion of Luck - 5.000.000 ALz
  • 145 minutes - Potion of Luck - 10.000.000 Alz
  • 165 minutes - Potion of Luck - 10.000.000 Alz
  • 185 minutes - Potion of Luck - 10.000.000 Alz
  • 205 minutes - Potion of Luck - 10.000.000 Alz
  • 245 minutes - Potion of Luck - 10.000.000 Alz
  • 285 minutes - Potion of Luck - 10.000.000 Alz
  • 325 minutes - Potion of Luck - 10.000.000 Alz
  • 365 minutes - Potion of Luck - 10.000.000 Alz
  • 420 minutes - Potion of Luck - 25.000.000 Alz
  • 475 minutes - Bonus eCoins Chest (x500)
  • 540 minutes - Force Gem Package (x350)

Class Balancer System and Formula Tweaks:
Previously we have implemented a class based balancer (% increments and decrements from previous updates) that would affect the damage output in certain scenarios to compensate some of the class unbalances that we experienced.
We have updated the base stat formulas and skill coefficients in the game to better reflect the capabilities of each class.
With the updated formulas and coefficients, we are disabling the % increments and decrements for all classes in all scenarios.
The updated stats formula will also be available on the Cabal World Wiki.
With these changes, the classes should mostly stay in similar spots as before, but expect some increments here and there, and with the coefficient changes, the damage and defense of characters are calculated slightly differently, overall resulting in a better experience

Skill Changes:
All skills have been updated to match their use cases on the official.
This will affect a great number of skills, especially those of the 3 custom classes.
Use cases controll the casting conditions of skills.
For example, some skills are available to be casted while in BM1 but not while in BM2, or can be casted while in BM3, but not in any other situation.
We will not put a list of changed skills here, because it is a very long list, but you will instantly be able to see it ingame as playing.

Bug Fixes:
HP related bugs were fixed in all scenarios.
Fixed an internal bug related to the movement speed of characters, causing random disconnections.

Website improvements:
A number of optimizations were implemented and we keep working on the optimization, soon to be moving to a new server that will handle a lot better the requests.
The pageload times already improved by a lot and we expect to make it even better very soon.
Wiki page was entirely rebuilt with and easier overview of the categories and pages.
New wiki pages were added and we will keep updating constantly.

Thats all for today, stay tuned for more and enjoy the game!
We are aware of an issue in the collection system, where you cannot register certain items or actually on registering/auto filling the client crashes.
We have fixed the issue and are waiting for the Happy Hour to finish at 20:00 Server Time then we will restart the server for the fix to apply.
Note: Please also review once more the damage oputput of your classes, as we suspect some settings are not properly working right now, so re-check after the restart.
Hi Ergo, Just a question for the special inventory blessing bead. If I use the newly special invent. bb. and needed to logout will the time also stop and will resume again once logged in?
The special bead will timeout after 30 minutes inactivity.

Important note to all: we are aware that some classes are dealing less damage than before, while in some cases it is normal to have lower damage, some classes are drastically lower which is caused by a bug that we are currently monitoring and researching. Rest assured, we are working on the fix and hopefully we can patch it in no time.

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