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Update 23-March-2022


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Oct 20, 2014
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Skills updated
Skill duration changed to 3690 seconds at level 20 for the following:​
Inspire, Morale Shout, Regeneration, Spirit Intension, Force Hardness, Eagle Eye, Sharpness ,Vital Force ,Crushing Blade, Fire Blade, Lightning Blade, Ice Blade, Astral Enchant​
Skill casting time changed to 0.1 seconds for the following:​
Reactive Technique, Vital Charge, Instant Immunity, Resist Barier, Intuition, Art of Fierceness, Intense Blade, Cat's Recovery, Bear's Vitality, Bloody Spirit, Resist intension, Shadow Shield, Art of Defense, Art of Force Control, Mass Restore, High Regeneration, Mass Heal, Heal, Mortal Bane, Art of Sniping, Spirit Shield, Quick Move, Reflex Shield, Elemental Enchant, Art of Rage, Art of Desperado, Bloodyrusk, Adrenaline of Rage, Rage Resist, Rage Shield,​
Eagle Eye is now upgrade-able buff and has at +20 1300 attack rate up , duration 3690 , cooldown set to 1 second.​
Warrior skills:​
Cats Recovery, HP restore change from 1200 to 2400 and lowered skill duration from 43 seconds to 20.​
Bear's Vitality problem fixed when the warrior total buffs passed the value of 12.000 HP accumulated. Now it will give the whole amount of HP up to 20.000 HP from Buffs only!​
Force Shielder skill:​
Reflex Shield​
2022-03-23 10_26_52-Cabal World - Rebirth of Nevareth.png
Art of Defense​
2022-03-23 10_28_42-Cabal World - Rebirth of Nevareth.png
Flying Shield, switched the Magic Amp. to Sword Amp.​
Blader skill:​
2022-03-23 10_32_07-Cabal World - Rebirth of Nevareth.png
Force Archer​
Great Heal cooldown adjusted​
2022-03-23 10_37_52-Cabal World - Rebirth of Nevareth.png
Mass Heal cooldown adjusted​
2022-03-23 10_37_36-Cabal World - Rebirth of Nevareth.png
Force Gunner​
Fixed Hit Man Speciality skills from the BM3 mode, they all give now the proper AMP hits.​
Fixed Genocider Speciality skills from the BM3 mode, they all give now the proper Attack hits.​
Mission War ban system is now improved, skill ranks are not used anymore to detect if you are banned or not so the skill rank system is now working back as normal.
The new Mission War ban will show you an exact message specifying until when you are banned from joining the Mission War directly from ingame.
Be aware that the ban apply to all character from the account. The website will also have a separate Wall of Shame for Mission War bans.

Fixed the problem with Boss Raids drops.

Very Important, Quality of Life and Security (related post)
Our tracking system is done, it works and it is updating every day statistics with EVERYTHING that is happening on the server, every transaction, every drop, every trade, every buy from AH, EVERYTHING.​
If you are being scammed, if you notice a strange behavior to anyone, if you think someone is doing black market, if you see anything illegal or something that you know it will affect the environment you are playing in, just report it to use because now NOTHING can escape from us. WE SEE EVERYTHING :D :p
We worked on this hard because we strongly believe is our duty to provide a secure environment for gaming especially since many of you are supporters and it wont be fair if we would not do so.​


Feb 19, 2022
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game play not yet , when maintenance finish , no connect server chanel in game

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