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Update 27-June-2024


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Oct 19, 2014
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Greetings Nevarethians!
Today we are here to announce a rollback of a recent update.
Let's get into the details.

Class and stat formulas have been reverted to default episode 8, how it was before the 22nd of June update.
Skill coefficients have been reverted to default episode 8, how it was before the 22nd of June update.
Class balancer boosts and nerfs were reverted back to how it was before the 22nd of June update.
Basically, this patch reverted the Class Balancer System and Formula Tweaks section from this update: https://forum.cabal.world/threads/update-22-june-2024.9864/

Additionally, minimum damage rate has been changed to 100%, so all classes will deal their correct maximum damage at all times.
Be aware, when casting battle modes, the lower your SP is, the lower the attack bonus that will apply. In most cases, this will not be noticable, however you should all know about it.

One single class was a little bit nerfed with this change, namely the Force Shielder, who previously had a total of 68% total damage boost over his real damage, this has been reduced to a total of 45%.

Damage wise all classes should be back to before the update of the 22nd of June.

We wanted to entirely get rid of the % balancer so whenever we have something new (dungeon, monsters, items, etc), we can actually calculate the damage outputs with the actual damage and not boosted values.
Now it seems that players do not understand these changes very well and not everyone has the knowledge of how these things work, so as soon as someone sees a lower damage value or lower attack value than another class they start criticizing the update and start crying for changes that will boost the class they are playing.
We have put too much energy and time into making this work, but at the end, the outcome would be the same.
Note: With our latest tests on our test channels, all classes were brought to mostly the same power levels, without any boosts from the % balancer, however, when put into the live environment, due to how most players built their characters and expect a certain power for classes, this would entirely change these up and most player would do what I described above.
So to prevent similar situations in the future, we have restored the settings that worked somewhat well and from now on, there will no longer changes applied to this balancer system or the formulas and coefficients, unless there is a very critical reason for it, and if there is, the change will be done no matter what.

We have wasted already so much time trying to make this work for everyone and still, we usually are bombarded with "bad reviews" from players. Even if they unknowingly do it, because they do not understand the limits and the ways of how this game does certain calculations.

That is all for now. We will continue our projects and updates with new content and new systems instead ;)

I would like to personally thank all who have helped with the class balancing tests, it helped even me, to remember things I have forgotten, so it was a good experience after all, even tho it took time away from more important projects.

Stay tuned, we will focus on our content updates from now on!

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