Update nr.5, Important changes and Improvements


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Oct 20, 2014
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This update bring to us a lot of important changes and improvements, i will do my best to clarify everything for you all in the most explicit way. So here we go :D

Boss Raid System
We wanted to bring a fresh taste to this system so a new concept of the Raids was implemented.
Each boss will a number of tokens that is specific for him only.

Empowered FPTA-01 Custodi Flight
Drop: 12 x Boss Token (Empowered FPTA-01 Custodi Flight), loot delay of 10 seconds, no ownership.​
Spawns: 4 x UMD-02 Upgrade Cornus that drop each 2 x Boss Token (Empowered FPTA-01 Custodi Flight), no loot delay, with ownership (most damage gets the loot). If you kill the Main boss before killing the secondary ones you wont get drops from them.​
Drop: 20 x Boss Token (Baldus), loot delay of 10 seconds, no ownership.​
Drop: 12 x Boss Token (Patren), loot delay of 10 seconds, no ownership.​
Spawns: 2 x Patren (Weaker versions) that drop each 4 x Boss Token (Patren), no loot delay, with ownership (most damage gets the loot)​
Patren new visual:
Relics Guardian
Drop: 20 x Boss Token (Relic's Guardian), loot delay of 10 seconds, no ownership.​
You can also find the above complete details ingame by accessing the Help Menu (Press "H")
The tokens will be used at the new NPC Abyss which can be found inside the Boss Arena.

Character Skills Changes
Skills Cooldown formula
We have accomplished a very big changed and unique. We managed to fully changed the skills cooldown function. As you all know the skills cooldown is normally affected by the skill level, the higher the skill level was the cooldown would modify but the annoying thing was that at level 10,13,15,17,19 and 20 of each skill there was a certain amount of delay added to the cooldown value.
The new cooldown function does not do that anymore and right now all skills cooldown is static from level 1 until the max level of skill.
If we want we have the possibility to setup how much the skill cooldown to increase or decrease every level, of course without the extra value that was added before at level 10,13,15,17,19 and 20, but this is only if we decide in the future that some skills require this to balance the DPS but I really don't think its the case.
Another important thing is the cooldown in Mission War, as you all remember if we had skills set will different cooldown in mission war the info of the skill in the skill bar was wrong. That problem is also fixed now since we will be using our own function for skills cooldown :D
Skills Link
We are introducing a new system that will balance the usage of skill where its needed. Skills Linking refers to the fact that if skill A is linked to skill B once you have casted skill A it will go in Cooldown together with skill B but both of them using the skill A Cooldown.
Battle Modes and Aura
You can now cancel the Battle Mode and Aura skills by right clicking the icons of them.
All battle mode Cooldown duration's changed to 30 seconds for normal map and 300 seconds for Mission War.
All battle mode 2 Special Skill Cooldown restored to original values.
Dash, Fade Step and Blink
In order to maintain a decent balance we decided to restore original values of this skills Cooldown. So now they will be slightly higher but this will also "force" players to not relay so much on running but standing and finding the best combos to survive instead of just fleeing away :D
Charge - Removed the AMP force and added Stun force 30% for 1 second
Force Shielder
Provocation and Field of Provocation - Linked Skills
Shield Charge - Cooldown set to 180 seconds, added Stun force with a duration of 5 seconds and Resist Critical Rate (negative, for enemy) with a duration of 5 seconds.
Heal - Cooldown set to 180 seconds, heal value changed to 1200 + 400/skill level. At level 20 the heal value is 9200.
Resist Barrier - Resist Unmovable 100% will be the only force for this buff.
Force Blader
Execration and Field of Execration - Linked Skills, casting behavior changed also so if you cast the skill and fail to apply the effect on the target the skill will still go in Cooldown. The Cooldown values for both skills were restored to original Rising Force update values.
Fire Blade, Lightning Blade and Ice Blade - Linked Skills
Runes System
As requested by so many players we have increased the Essence Runes and Blended Runes slots.
Essence Runes maximum slots is 30 now.
Blended Runes maximum slots is 10 now.
Destroy System
Updated the game destroy system to allow destroying of items above +15.
We listened to the players feedback regarding the fact that Option Scrolls are hard to get so we decided to improve the destroy system which is the main source for Option Scrolls.
2020-03-26 21_00_24-Window.png2020-03-26 21_00_38-Window.png
As you can see in the images above if the item has a +6 grade or higher you will be able to get dedicated Option Scroll, this means that the scroll result will have a force option that can be used in the specific item type. Don't expect to get only SSA, MSA and CDI or CRI scrolls but the bigger the item grade is the higher chance you have to get the most desired scrolls. The rates of the stacks of option scrolls was increased. Now you have a lot higher chances to get the higher stack of option scrolls when destroying an item.
Chaos Belts
Added Chaos Belt +5, +6 and +7
Requirement changes for Chaos Belts +1, +2, +3 and +4
Belt Grade
Astral Core type​
Min Level to Buy or Equip​
Minimum Honor Rank to Buy or Equip​
Astral Core (Archridium)​
+2Astral Core (Drei Frame)13011
+3Astral Core (Palladium)14012
+4Astral Core (Demonite)16014
Requirement added for Chaos Belts +5, +6 and +7
Belt Grade​
Min Level to Buy or Equip​
Minimum Honor Rank to Buy or Equip​
Lightning Elements​
Chaos Core​
Boss Token​
Belt Core​
+51601460300Empowered FPTA... x80+4
+61801675400Patren x100+5
+71801690500Baldus x120+6
Chaos Belts Stats:

Lost Relics
It was time to bring this good looking weapons to the place where they belong in the server.
The level required to equip this weapons was lowered from 175 to 160.
Selling price to NPC was increased.
When you will craft the items you will be able to receive craft type Normal, Rare or Epic. Your basic craft level will affect the chance you have to receive the better craft option. This details are also explained ingame in the craft formular.
Crafting formulars can be purchased from Abyss NPC in Boss Arena
The weapon set is now a part of the Ultimate Grade. This means upgrading it, enchanting or removing slot option will be done with Ultimate cores, scrolls, etc...
Formular Recipe
Item Required #1​
Item Required#2​
Item Required #3​
Item Required #4​
Honor Points​
1 x Boss Token (Relic's Guardian)3 x Lightning Elements2 x Upgrade Core (Ultimate)1 x Slot Extender (Ultimate)200.000
As you can see crafting the weapons will not require te Ancient pieces anymore so this items will be completely removed from the game in future update. We are going to leave them for a while so you guy can sell them to NPCs for some Alz and after we will wipe them from the server.
Ancient Malificient Chopper Piece​
Ancient Phantom Piercer Piece​
Ancient Deathraze Piece​
Ancient Tranquility Piece​
Ancient Dream Catcher Piece​
Ancient Starstruck Piece​
Ancient Willbreaker Piece​
Ancient Visage Piece​
Ancient Doomguard Piece​
Ancient Twisted Shadowfang Piece​
Ancient Call of Suffering Piece​

Dropped Items and Alz expiration
Alz Timeout1 minute (after this time the alz disappears)
Self Alz Timeout30 seconds (after this time others can loot the Alz you dropped)
Item Timeout5 minutes (after this time the item disappears)
Self Item Timeout1 minute (after this time other can loot the Item you dropped)
Nation War - Item Timeout1 minute
Nation War - Self Item Timeout10 seconds

Power Calculator
Improved the functionality of the calculator, it was affecting the FPS of the game.
Improved the UI. Fixed UI. (You wont be able to change it location anymore)
Dr. Mazel Ring
Craft material, Cursed Ring of Dr. Mazel, needed for this ring will not be character bound anymore.
This will allow players to trade the item but keep in mind to craft the Ring you need to have the quest activated and the quest can be done just 1 time, this means you will still have only 1 Dr. Mazel ring on each of your characters.
Redeem Coins
We have decided to remove the Redeem Coins drop from the game and in future updates we will also remove them from the game completely.
This decision came because the systems we plan to add in the future should not be related to something old and unused anymore. So its time to say good bye to the redeem coins and leave the past behind :p
We have managed to add over 1500 new slots for adding new mobs. This was the main problem we had in adding new dungeons, we did not had slots for new mobs but now this problem is solved. We can now add new dungeons.
Website related, Reward for killing GM
Added the option to select Pet Untrain Kits (Stack of 5)
Changed the price of Pet Untrain Kits (Stack of 10) in webshop from 6.000 eCoins to 2.000 eCoins

Other improvements
Client optimization to prevent high memory usage and random crashes.
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Oct 20, 2014
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A patch will be added today with the following changes

  1. Added sell price for the Lost Relics (Ancient Pieces), you can sell them to any NPC now for 25.000.000 Alz for piece
  2. Updated the sell price for Redeem Coins from 1.000 Alz per piece to 25.000 Alz per piece.
  3. Shineguard/Terragrace/Mystic Epaulets cannot be destroyed anymore
  4. Quartz Core (Topaz), Material Core (Redosmium) and Astral Core (Terra/Shine/Mystic) can be purchased with Alz from Core Alchemist NPCs from Bloody Ice, Green Despair, Desert Scream and Port Lux.
  5. Added new boss raids spawns to suit the time zone of all our players. Spawn information also update in the help menu ingame.
2020-03-27 16_49_16-Cabal World - Test Client.png
2020-03-27 16_54_42-Boss Raid and MW Schedule.xlsx - Excel.png
2020-03-27 16_54_20-Boss Raid and MW Schedule.xlsx - Excel.png


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Dec 2, 2014
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Congratulation guys , i saw you did really good updates :) I hope you will continue with this job !
It was long time i didn't join server , maybe with this quarentine i will check a bit the server :p

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