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Oct 20, 2014
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Being a part of the staff here at Cabal World brings responsibility and benefits also.
Lets see what this involves.

The responsibilities of a GM (Game Master) are the following:
  1. Checking daily the forum support, reports and bug sections and making replies in cases where is he capable or forwarding it to higher staff where his knowledge does not cover the mater.
  2. Checking daily for possible hacker logs using the Game Master panel provided by the Cabal World website and taking the needed measures respecting the Server Rules
  3. Staying in touch with the players and knowing the server features out from his head. This is needed in order to be able to provide answers to any questions that may come from players, new or old. (For new Game Master we will provide an accommodation time of 2 weeks to learn every custom stuff that our server provides, assuming that he already know all regarding the basics of the game Cabal Online)
  4. Hosting GM kills event for players.
  5. Forwarding good suggestions that might benefit the server and its player to higher staff members.
  6. Testing the feature from our Test Server before they are released to the Live Server and giving the proper feedback to higher staff.
The requirements to become a GM (Game Master) are the following:
  1. You must be familiar with the XenForo platform in order to be able to use our forums.
  2. You must know what Discord is and have your forum account linked with your Discord account. (If you haven't done it so far do it here)
  3. You must have your Cabal World game account linked with your Forum account. (If you haven't done it so far do it here, you must be logged in)
  4. You must speak and write English and you must be opened to voice chat, we (the team) have regular meetings where we discuss about all maters related to our community and server.
  5. Discord is a very popular chat platform and its being used by many of our users so you must be active on discord and forums as well as you are ingame also.
  6. We do not apply an minimum age limit but we expect an mature behavior and a very professional attitude in all situations, working with players is not an easy task, there are good days and bad days also.A good GM is when he can behave well even when working with an angry player but managing to solve the issue in an civilized way.
The benefits of becoming / being a GM (Game Master):
  1. We respect every player privacy so don't worry about the Staff Applications, they are private, only we (the higher staff) and you can see your staff application.
  2. Every month the most active GMs are rewarded on their gaming account .
  3. From time to time the administrators also give to active staff members licenses for different software and games.
So after you read this you are the only one who knows now if being a staff member is what you are made for.
If yes then don't waste any more time and apply here
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