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Forum Rules

Important: The Rules below applies to the forums

In addition to our Terms of Service here are the rules that apply to the forums

Forum Rules

  1. Posts:
    • Make sure you have properly searched through the forums before posting about a theme so you will not double post about the same thing
    • Posts such as 'Thanks so much!',  'Great!', 'Thanks', etc might result in a forum warning. There is a like/agree/disagree/etc system for this so please use that
    • Make sure you post in the correct section, failing to do so might result in the deletion of the thread without any notice
    • Make sure your posts contain accurate information (for example making a guide) and do not spread false and/or misguiding information about anything you are not 100% certain
    • Making suggestion and/or feedback threads, reporting bugs are also welcome but make sure the same thing was not already posted (see first rule)
    • When making suggestion and/or feedback threads, reporting bugs make sure you get straight to the point and give enough information
    • As stated in the first rule double post are not welcome, so are the spams, multi section posting is strictly prohibited and will result in a  punishment
    • Reporting players must be done in the Report section, following the format given in the section and having a solid proof, either screen shot or a video. Video is preferred since it is more clean and has more information than a screenshot
    • Any offensive/discriminating/accusing/flaming (see Terms of Service for a detailed list) direct or indirect action or comment will result in a punishment
    • Any offensive/discriminating avatar pictures or signatures are strictly prohibited. Examples being usage of provocative pictures like nudity or partial nudity. This is also including, but not limited to, under garments being displayed.
    • Being an international community the main language used on our forums is English and every user is required to post in English (can even be a Google translation). Specific sections of the forums allow posting in foreign languages. These sections are the Foreign Languages and Guild Area.

  2. Advertising in forum posts and/or forum chat:
    • Advertising of videos/songs and so on is allowed in the forum chat and/or the proper sections as long as it is not against the Terms of Service otherwise advertising will result in a punishment
    • Punishment: Permanent ban to the advertiser (may vary depending on the decision of the Cabal World staff members)

  3. Multiple accounts:
    • Multiple accounts on the forums are strictly prohibited
    • Note: In the case of switching from an old account to a new (or any form of switching the account) you can/should request the deletion of the unused account
    • Punishment: Permanent ban for each of the forum accounts and depending on the situation each of the game accounts as well

Important: Cabal World reserves the right to modify these Rules at any time, without notice

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