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  1. BIDD

    Suggestion Reduce materials required for leveling prof craft

    As the title says, it needs rework/reduce the materials needed for leveling the prof craft. It doesn't matter if the palla->demo materials will not be touched but the lower prof craft levels should be reduced because it cost too much. It needs to be reduced to make it more rewarding or easier...
  2. xEly

    Acknowledged Craft PW/Crysis bikes at basic crafting

    Hi there guys! How you doing! Since it seems basic craft is completly abandoned now i would like to made a suggestion: ¿It is possible to add PW5 or crysis bikes on the basic crafting? Thanks a lot, i just love this server!
  3. T

    Suggestion Change drop rate or amount of craft items

    Good day everyone, since i started to push basic craft to craft potions for pve purpose, I realised that dropable craft items are waaaay to rare to get. For example Yellow Jewel(dropped in 2stacks from mobs with 2%(!)) . You drop them pretty rare and you need 5 pieces to craft 2(+) (i.e)...
  4. JuanMarvic

    Suggestion Disc stack to 999

    Its getting bit a problem now as I am trying to craft things up.. I find it confusing to have multiple same color stack of disc in my inventory. Storage & Inventory management became a daily role now hahaha. Although this is not an urgent thing but I hope you can consider it in the near future!
  5. BIDD

    Acknowledged Suggestions for EFFICIENT Crafting ETC.

    Crafting -First i want to suggest that dropped items specifically armors,weapons & bikes to have CLEAN SLOTS. About armors and weapon i'm disappointed when i see a max craft value item have a unlikely option in a slot and became a fail/wasted item for crafting i.e. i once sawa zwei frame orb...
  6. JuanMarvic

    Acknowledged Making the crafting more interesting

    Hi, Nice job for this crafting update. Takes my time when im bored :) One thing i think to improve this update is instead of using this Mithril to Zwei for the weapons what if you guys use the other weapons (enochian and other stuff) ? This will allow us more selections of weapons as...

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