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cykros excaliose zeratul



    I would like to request a reset of my merit skills. unfortunately, due to bad internet connections I've chosen the PVE rather than PVP. Please consider my request TYVM more power to cabal world IGN: ZIMATAR
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    Refused Lightning Elements.

    Is it applicable for lightning elements to be unbinded back? So we(non crafter) can provide lightning elements for crafter to provide crafting service for us. It's no use thou if we have lightning elements but can't craft equilibrium set as not everyone can spend much time on crafting. In...
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    Acknowledged Redeeming.

    I believe we all know redeem system is dead unlike the old time when redeeming is a thing and everyone fight for bosses.Now redeeming is just dead , even ur staff I believe won't do redeem because it will cost you so much not worth it with the rewards. Imagine the last stage, 100 m per redeem...
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    Acknowledged Sellenia Weaponary

    Since the equilibrium set hit the game, we all know it will be the goal for everyone. Now you can see sellenia weaponary is abandoned. Why? Because the requirement for sellenia weaponary is too much for now since it's not the most powerful weapon anymore. No one want to waste their elements and...

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