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  1. JuanMarvic

    Refused Senillinia Stone Piece

    We all know that the Stone Pieces are now account bound as the Senillinia Weapons became Account Bound too. Therefore there is few things I would like to suggest: Drop at least 1 stone of each kind per boss. (I started to hunt bosses and after killing around 4-5 of it I only got 3 pieces of my...
  2. xHighPriest

    Fixed Drop Rate Percentage too low

    well.. Farming is the only activity I do when not leveling, wars etc., after few updates i noticed that drops from mobs at Nostalgia/Arcane trace lowered, and Dungeon Chests gives crappy loots too. I normally farm 2-4 hours straight and is having good consistent gain from it last week.. today...

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