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  1. xSebulon

    My opinion and recommendation about the 9 classes and their balance

    Hi all, I don't want to annoy anyone but just share my opinion about the playable classes in general, the distribution of played classes and the strengths and weaknesses of each class. I would like to start a open discussion about the possibility to enlarge the variety of played classes...
  2. N

    Suggestion Dungeon Resetter

    A function to reset a Dungeon or go back a few Quest. Lately i was stuck in Fozen Tower b2f (EOD b2f) because i failed the right order of speaking with the things after the Boss Prinz Verzen. I couldnt go on with the Quest and couldnt speak to the Tombstone. I was stuck and just could...
  3. H

    Feedback Suggestions for dungeon entry more enthusiastic

    When you complete the dungeons daily on the cabal offical server, you will receive a reward in your mail. When you complete the entry once, when you complete the entry 3 times, and when you complete the entry 5 times, the legendary cube comes with different rewards. Bigger rewards come from...

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