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  1. LilaGiraffe

    Dungeon Guides (Ongoing)

    Wazzup, since we don't actually got some Dungeon Guides for Newbies, i took some time to run certain Dungeons and upload them for People to watch. New or Missing Dungeon will be added and updated if changes happen. Ofc you can let me know Dungeon's you want to see a run from to know how they are...
  2. M

    Acknowledged PvE balance and Palladium gear

    Hello, 1/ We all know that BL and FA are the strongest classes in PvE soloing due to their strong bm2 which are the most played ones and followed in 3rd place is WI. FB, FS and WA are really underwhelming in this server. Due to PoV being so cheaply plentiful, their strong survivability are not...
  3. C

    Suggestion Dungeons

    Hello Staff, there are two dungeons which are totally useless - Lake in Dusk and Ruina Station. Every dungeon beside this two has its use: rings, runes, bikes, cores, pallads and so on. But LiD and RS don't offer anything. I think that some changes in this dungeons could make game somewhat more...
  4. M


    i have annoying prob, when i enter Radiant Hall and got freeze, before that i got white screen and sudden my cabal.exe freeze but still i can hear the sound of it. i am using win 10 x64 with amd a12 9700p + R7 radeon / R8 and then, when i see option screen, my refresh rate doesnt show...

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