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  1. LilaGiraffe

    Suggestion GM Event Idea

    Hi all and CW Staff Team, I thought about this idea and know yet no way of abusing, ofc maybe u guys have a idea but first lemme introduce it. NPC Search (GM Event) Rules: GM hides at a NPC from BI-FR. First one who finds right NPC wins. Tipps or First Letter of Name of NPC can be given by GM...
  2. LilaGiraffe

    Suggestion GM Events

    Hi, we all know the current status of the GM Events. Most of us properly think that its already getting boring and needs to be re-done. New GM Events could change the opinion most Players have about GM's. I want to suggest some new Events that could change that. 1.: Hide and Seek Rules: (should...
  3. harry001

    GM kill 2021

    This guide is for GM Kill event 2021 If you wanted to know whats inside/rewards of GM kill? These are the following, you can only choose one reward and you're good to go This is my 2nd GM Kill event Febraury 6, 2021 12:30pm PST Rewards are the following: 1. 5,000 ecoins 2. 2,500 vcoins 3...

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