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    Acknowledged Reason StormyLegends Take A Break .

    Hello , please bring back the drop rate like before . Potion of Honour and Redeem Coins all at Arcane Trace , and dungeon entry at Nostalgia forest , also please remove craps drop (Sigmetal etc) at Nostalgia Forest . My friends and I kinda disappointed with these changes . Again this is private...
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    Inapplicable The reach number of people to active handicaps.

    Hello , im here to post a suggestion about the handicaps issue. As refer to the last long thread ago about the handicap % to be lower as 50% to 15 10 5 or more like an other cabal server that result is a failed since admin cant find the file to edit it. So now im suggesting the new strategy to...
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    Fixed Spooky Halloween Costume - Orb

    Hello , I just bought the spooky halloween costume . Then , I found out that it does not work on Call Of Suffering (Orb) . Could you fix this please , thank you .
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    Refused Some changes .

    Is possible to make like this , so our server can be more unique ?

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