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newbie guide

  1. mihail

    Starting guide (UPDATED)

    Mishi is back with another updated Starting guide let's start where to gain alz if you just started the answer is kinda simple go to forgotten ruina kill some mobs and sell the items to the npc few mobs and you will get enough alz for entries etc , then you can start by using your bb 200 % exp...
  2. I


    First thing that I have to tell everyone before reading this guide is “don’t rush” Okay here’s the guide based on my own experience. You’ll receive 20 PCH (Perfect Core High) as a starter pack, bundled with your full equipment. What you have to do is maximize the + of your weapons (both)...
  3. ExCaliose

    [For NEWBIES] What To do?

    As a newbie this is what you have to do, instead of begging alz or items in town you can use this guide to make you familiar with the game ;) NEW!! Newbie Class Guides.... Wizard Newbie Guide Warrior Newbie Guide Blader Newbie Guide Force Archer Newbie Guide Force Shielder Newbie Guide Force...

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