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  1. LilaGiraffe

    Suggestion GM Events

    Hi, we all know the current status of the GM Events. Most of us properly think that its already getting boring and needs to be re-done. New GM Events could change the opinion most Players have about GM's. I want to suggest some new Events that could change that. 1.: Hide and Seek Rules: (should...
  2. Zax

    Suggestion EOD B2F & B3F

    Why not remove tea time from EOD B2F & B3F? Since ring is now tradable and for Daily Quest purposes also.
  3. C

    Suggestion Dungeons

    Hello Staff, there are two dungeons which are totally useless - Lake in Dusk and Ruina Station. Every dungeon beside this two has its use: rings, runes, bikes, cores, pallads and so on. But LiD and RS don't offer anything. I think that some changes in this dungeons could make game somewhat more...
  4. C

    Acknowledged Equipment stats in Redemption Wiki

    Hello Staff, this server has a lot of custom items and some original items like Drei Frame or Lycanus Weapons have their stats changed. I think that some tables with stats of each armor/weapons Limitless+ would come in handy for new players. They will get an idea which items are worth...
  5. JuanMarvic

    Suggestion Disc stack to 999

    Its getting bit a problem now as I am trying to craft things up.. I find it confusing to have multiple same color stack of disc in my inventory. Storage & Inventory management became a daily role now hahaha. Although this is not an urgent thing but I hope you can consider it in the near future!
  6. HuKoLaI4o

    Acknowledged A way to make Map Bosses great again!

    This idea was born when I was told from a staff member that map bosses in maps lower than AT/SENNI are not important and were mainly for “Element cube” (EC for short) hence this suggestion. In order for this suggestion to be implemented it will need the introduction of 2 new items “Elemental...
  7. JuanMarvic

    Acknowledged Making the crafting more interesting

    Hi, Nice job for this crafting update. Takes my time when im bored :) One thing i think to improve this update is instead of using this Mithril to Zwei for the weapons what if you guys use the other weapons (enochian and other stuff) ? This will allow us more selections of weapons as...
  8. TheDoctor

    Refused Temporary Costumes(12hrs)

    How about implementing a npc with temporary costumes (12 hours or more) for 20m(or more) or 15 days for 100 vCoins(or more) ? Edit1: Just normal costumes
  9. praas

    Fixed drop list formula craft or update NPC Formula CRAFT

    sir plz update Droplist for Drop Formula craft Give me cordinate and Kill what monster, Or update NEW npc Formula Craft Only Not More Item Craft Thanks

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