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Fixed A Ch that doesnt drop item

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What about a non-premium channel where we can drop only RC/Potions of all kind/craft materials/dungeon entry .
Thats the drop in AT http://postimg.org/image/txdkslzed/ im tryin to say that there wold be gr8 only if we dont get items or those materials(powerless core,unknown circuit,machine head)and no minestra since they are in shop they are useless as drop.
has been suggested before, i'll forward the post to the admins so we can hear their opinion about a channel/map specific for crafting materials only
I would suggest to remove miniesta drops from everywhere, it's just annoying and every1 npc those anyways
There are no plans for a separate channel but we have started implementing better drops and higher rates for many items including those from the first post.
Thread closed.
Not open for further replies.

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