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A good Scorer will not see whether u win or loose, but how u played the game...


Jan 20, 2015
When a person uses cheats, he is not cheating the others but he is cheating himself.
He wants to convince others that he is the strongest yet sad to say he cannot even convince himself.
What glory can it be, can it be considered as a victory.
I guess not, coz from this moment he uses his so called magic, it reflects his real personality - a sore loser not only in game but in the real world. One who lives in the fantasy of winning yet losing himself in agony of the truth. He lives only to cheat others and not try to surpass standards. Only believes in magic and not in his skills or talent. I see now the person you are, I hope I'm wrong but guess again - who knows.
Who might it be, well only Shugo knows.

Note: This is not directed to certain individual or group but whoever is guilty of the crime.
Gaming is not a crime but cheating is...
Fuck u caught me.

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