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A little consideration.


Aug 24, 2015
Its been a while since i played. and being in the game again feels refreshing. and as i browse to the new update i bumped into the crafting of chaos items. yeah its good that chaos items can be reuse because they can be extracted. now! i am wondering.. how about the epaulets. do we expect that the old epaulets should be astray forever in our inventory? is there any chance that the admins consider us exchanging it for a useful ones.. because epaulets cant be extracted. and we consumed 40 GOLD CAPS in that epaulet. 40 gold caps is not easy to gain you know. like the rings before. you made the old tempus ring be exchange into something making it useless. how about making it the same with our poor epaulets. ? may be half of our consumed caps be returned? if the channels were the same as before may be i will not post this one.

Some of the players would agree with this.
Hoping even the admins.
we already had a few posts regarding this matter and we have choosen not to exchange old gear into new gear
and yes this is already something the admins have confirmed they already rejected a suggestion regarding this matter
you know what you bought when u used the 40 gold caps on the epaulet and everything is subject to change every update which is something u are all aware of.

While it may sound like a cash and grab what we really want you guys to do is make it feel that you guys worked for the items in a different way than before, whats the fun of getting a stronger epaulet through an exchange rather than working hard for it and getting it in the end, there is no feeling like getting an item u worked hard for i know that, im a player myself.

anyhow the item is not useless non-theless it can be ur temporary until you get your hands on the new stronger epaulets.

in the end giving the players that already have chaos an oppertunity to exchange everything they bought would only hurt the server, giving people something to play for when they got nothing left to do is what our intentions were with this and many are enjoying the fact that they can upgrade their gear through sheer work rather than paying sums of money.

I hope this answers your question.

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