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Fixed About Siena's Bracelet Update

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Dec 2, 2014
WExp compensation, in accordance with honor (each character will be compensated once)
^I'm curious about this too and i just wanna confirm if this part really gonna happen? "Cause you know as much as possible you don't give compensations to make things challenging" (No offense).If not why include in the post? If yes then when? :)

Added new Siena's Bracelet
  • Higher grade of Prideus's Bracelet
  • Can be obtained from Sealed Siena's Bracelet
  • Chance to obtain Siena's Bracelet with one slot filled with SSA or MSA)
  • Wearing requirement
    • Level 135 or above
    • Honor grade 13 or above
    • Property: Character Binding
    • Stats:
^ So you can get 0-1 slot SSA/MSA based on luck? Any screens of the actual item?

Added new Sealed Siena's Bracelet Craft Formular
  • Can be purchased with 500.000.000 Alz from Craft Merchatn Chloe in Port Lux
^ Is it one item per char like TR & ALeth rings? (Last part on description of formular: "Cannot be used more than once!"),x1 craft for x3 random options is kinda </3.
Or can craft multiple times to get desired options?
making i t 500M worth make it so much for us. as if youre saying that if you cant afford hunting many times and purchasing many times. "JUST BUY OUR COSTUMIZED BRACELET WITH YOUR CCASH".

just saying.
About the honor compensation not sure i got it as well so no idea
the bracelet is gonna look like just like the official one

but with 2% mcr and 2% amp and instead of penetration/accuracy you can get a slot with msa/ssa
that thing on the description simply means that the formula card is gonna disappear after you use it and yes of course you can craft as many as you want and wear 2x

(500m and 3 gold caps for each try and you can get a silly atk option(s) sounds kinda ridiculous btw just sayin')
they just want us to lose hope in acquiring good stats. with that kind of price everyone would give up and of course due to difficulty in gaining good stats, they will expect that everyone will buy they're bracelet in cash.. money money. LOL.. marketing strategy
and its funny because no staff is making a word about this money making issue hahahaha
i run AOS2 30x today but still no drops for sienna bracelet piece..
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