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Fixed Appearance change bug

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Sometimes if you try to change the appearance of an item the material item doesnt get destroyed as it should be if it fails and you can use it over and over again.
A screenshot would greatly help with the bug to show us more details,
i will make a video of it after i am back from the appointment i have today. ;)
More details please?
The specific used item and on what item you tried to use it.
I would like to report one. Upon changing appearance from my Limitless Shoes to Archridium Greaves, Boots, or Shoes, The Appearance Item cannot be registered. I can Change any Helm, Gloves and Suits to Archridium appearances except for boots. Other Item Appearance Change works fine except for the Archridium Boots. For Screenshot Proof, I will upload it later.
In this Screenshot I emphasized that the Appearance Item(Boots) cannot be Registered
In this one, I am showing that the Gloves are already Registered. Same thing with the Suit and Helm, They can be registered. Only Archridium boots aren't allowed.
By the way, I am using a UI Skin called Diablo III. I hope that this is OK. Thanks to a person who did it for me :D
Its not possible to happen once and then not happen again.
Not open for further replies.

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