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Bazaar & NShop Changes


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Oct 19, 2014
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Greetings Nevarethians!

With the introduction of the eCoins Chests ingame, we now see from the statistics, that it is starting to regulate the voucher prices.
We have decided to do two more important changes to better balance this situation between both bazaar users and ingame farmers.

  1. The Potion of Luck is now removed from the bazaar and will no longer be available for purchase for Force Gems.
  2. The eCoins Chests at Secret Dealer Hirogley will appear between random intervalls.
    This means, that the chests will be on a random rotation and will be available to purchase for Alz, but not 24/7 so make sure to check his offerings daily ;)
These changes we consider (and hope) to balance a little more the prices, between those who buy eCoin Vouchers and those who farm Alz ingame, now both parties must agree to a fair and good price, since the Potion of Luck is removed and additionally, Alz farmers will be able to buy the eCoins Chests from Hirogley.
We will keep monitoring the Alz and Voucher circulation and make changes accordingly if needed.

That is all for now!
Have fun and stay tuned for more!
well this is now a choise that is radical. but i fully support that you cant cash buy ingame alz anymore.

with theese changes in place some npc shop prices might need adjustments soon. (pl Eite,chloes and Youta s craft mats shop for example)

also a alz per player avearage info would be interessting (or a total alz ingame of active players )

i also might recommend making entry items droppable.
We currently have the ranking module on the website at Game -> Rankings -> Wealth where Alz can be observed for every account.

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