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Acknowledged Bikes Bind/Unbind

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Aug 23, 2015
Any plans to extend the bind/unbind system to the bikes as well ? Most of the work seems already done (or at least that's how i interpret those 10m stones needed) would be quite handy.
It's not a bad idea. I know a player who got 10+ bikes LOL!! It might be a huge help for him. He bought a lot of it before you updated the craft level options then after the update he bought another sets of it..
Yeah. Please implement the unbinding of bikes since the old players got many stocked bikes from the previous updates. Now that the PW5 will be available soon, the LVL6 crafted RW3 and FLARE bikes are gonna get ignored later on since we will transfer to PW5. And the players who can't afford the bikes from ecoin shop can benefit from the unbinded bikes we are going to sell.
Bump for this ... unreal that this is still not implemented from dec 2k15 and even more that im still waiting :rolleyes:
New website sunk along with titan or what ? (for the record this fabulous website was never needed at all since current one doesn't have any major problem) doing it on the current one is still a no go ?
wahahaha...this is because they are too busy with the new game=))...and this game kinda left out..as you can see on the sticky tread, many thing still not implemented=))
BUMP....its oct 2k16...2 more month to reach 1 year thread...GJ admin, you rock:rock:(if you know what i mean=)))
Time for a bump ... you should also extend the system to chaos stuff now that it's not bind by property anymore so people can unbind and sell them if they want.
I got 18 bikes from eshop waiting to be unbinded...
Come on, make it happen. Thnx
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