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Fixed Bug? on Bike Slotting

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Aug 26, 2015

so i have a Crystal RW3 of deathblow (5crit dmg) with 3 slots and character bind. First two slots are maxrate and i want to fill the last with maxrate aswell. Now i have tried this already around 15-20 times, and it does always fail. I'm getting really frustrated...
The thing is: If i try to fill the last slot with maxrate and the upgrader spins the options (fail or success) i get fail, no matter at which option it should stop. BUT if it stops at the normal fail option, it just says "You have failed to add..." and if it failes when the success option should come, it says "You have failed to add... Slot with maxrate has been removed" or something like that. SO it definitely has 2 different fail options, but at both the second slot gets remoed and there is no success.
Sorry i have no pics, i dont want to spend more money on it if i don't know if its a bug.
Could you please help me or maybe a GM could try it with this bike or with 3 slots maxrate, cause maybe thats the problem.

kind regards
thats not a bug, i know what you mean it should spin on max rate but it fails, yea thats not a bug. adding 3rd slot on bike is just 29.5% chance, so goodluck, i'd just fill it with amp or cd instead.
Use ur cash and buy a good bike.......too fast :D:D
Redeem more to get much cash....or donate :giggle:
Thank you for your answers, gues i'll just have to try some more, but it's so frustrating -.-.
I don't want to spend cCash on it :D.
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