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Can i?



I want to ask if its ok to change the ca mobs?
(i alerdy did)
Noctis told me to ask if its ok or no if this its not ok then let me know i change the Data file back

If its ok then I could make a guilde how to do that if u guys want:D
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It should be ok.
on other p.servers i did it aswell.
did u do it in ca2,3,4 aswell? Or it works only for ca6? :)
sorry boys. read the rules :)
  1. Hacking:
    • Any form of hacking is strictly prohibited. Hacking is also defined as changing the game client files
    • Punishment: Permanent ban for the hacker
Cykros, maybe i can request to allow this kind of change? You can't catch any1 if he use this kind of change in the folder anyways.
Anyways i would only do it if you would allow it. Thanks in advance.

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