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Fixed Channel 1,2,4,5

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Dec 2, 2014
Iloilo, [PH]
Why not make it some of these channel a redeem chan too? since this channels are just for display XD the population in game is gettin bigger.
Yeah got in mind this suggestion, but We can not do dungeons on redeem channel.
I say change the green war channel in to war & redeeming channel, and leave ch 2 as it was... maybe turn into white premium or only white channel for those who likes PK.

So all in all looks like this:

Channel 1
white Channel 2 or white Channel 2 (Premium) or Channel 2 (Premium) or not touch
Channel 3 (Premium)
white Channel 4 (War)
Channel 5 Redeeming (Premium) (War) /quick change channel screen is too short to diplay it properly xD/
Channel 6 Redeeming (Premium)
Channel 7 (Event)
Chan 1 should be the (trade) or should we say the market channel. Anyways still up to the players where they want to vend/ open their shop hehe
white Channel 4 (War)

No offense but why would you make a WAR CHANNEL a WHITE one? Stating the fact that WAR CHANNELS got WAR ZONE on all maps, already war zone everywhere and still wanna activate FORCE PK? lol :)
As far as i know the purpose of white channels are to be FORCE PK enabled. :)
Yes, double PK is the best, and if somebody wants to visit Jail, the way is open :D
Atm you can find the white war channel on Channel 5.
The channels are very well organized right now.
We would prefer spending our work time on something else.
Not open for further replies.

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