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Dragon lord
Dec 2, 2014
Dragons lair
I think I along many others would agree that something should be done with the Tartaminos near the spawn areas, these seem quite powerful and make it extremely difficult to farm there, simply moving them to another area, weakening them or just removing them would be great. So far all we end up doing with them is luring them away from the spawn area.
It would also be nice if the "useful" drops appeared more often instead of things like crafting items which can easily be obtained from other maps.
The HP of the monsters seems good so far but attack can sometimes be a bit high from the guardians and I imagine that when a non donor player eventually gets here they will stand no chance without the help of someone else to basically kill everything, I think that the map needs easier mobs near the spawn areas.
As for the exp gained here it would be nice if there was a increase in the amount you get because there isn't a lot of mobs there to kill(without getting insta killed) and considering that its a difficult map.
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Well take this in consideration for the next update.
Thank you.
We removed the Tartaminos from the spots near the spawn and left those deeper in the map for strong parties.
We hope it will not be so difficult now.
On the next server update this change will apply.
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