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Fixed Debuff (Lower Defense)

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Dec 2, 2014
Dragons lair
I think the current stage of the debuff "Lower Defense" at level 20 only lower defense by -39 is almost unnoticeable when used so I suggestion changing it instead to a % such as lowering the targets defense by 5%. This way it can work on anything and give the same effect depending on the mob/characters strength and become a lot more useful on those higher bosses in dungeons.

Edit: Maybe also consider adding this type of effect to the skills which decrease defense such as Infernal Impact and Quake Cataclysm
I dunno about it but one character will surely be OP if this happens. FB will be more OP, I hope you get what I mean. FB is the debuffer of the game and if we change the numbers into percent it will dominate all characters, yeah it will be useful for dungeons but it will surely effect the gameplay.
Reduce FA's range and DPS.. it unbalance imfao

We cannot just reduce it's range because that was FA made for, good range good DPS but low HP and DEF. So if we try to reduce it's range and DPS skills it will make FA useless. I'm not defending this class because am a FA user but it's the truth and it will ruin the gameplay.
After some thinking we decided to drop these suggestions because we do not want to unbalance the game for the sake of one character.
Such modifications (other than basic duration, cast time or visual updates) cannot be made easily as there are simply to many situation in which the skills must be balanced.

Ideas are always welcome but for now I must say these kind of skill changes will not apply.
Not open for further replies.

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