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Fixed DP points - Honor Cube ( Class 12-14) (Class 14-16) (Class 16-20)

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Dec 2, 2014
Iloilo, [PH]
Since that were suffering in farming Honor points in game, I want to suggest this Honor cubes since that our Honor cube in Port lux DP shop is only up to Honor rank 12, So our DP points would be useless if we buy (Exp, Cores, etc) @ DP SHOP. Doing mwar in game is boring w/o people, Hope that this suggestion will be implemented.
We will check this.
Maybe we could the minimum/maximum Honor potion points in DP SHOP, based on Honor ranks if possible.
Sorry but it was been closed since it was been implemented, just want to make a feedback.
DP Cubes will be required later for runes, when we will drop AMP / Cr.DMG, we will need more than 400+ AP per upgrade, so it's useless for a period, but better to save up pots for later =).

What i would suggest are Premium cubes & I like the idea.
Still want this to be implemented later as i have 100 million Honor now, pots giving me 30,000 till 180,000 are nice to have, but doesn't help a lot anymore so i would like to have pots with 120,000~400,000 honor for class 14~20 or something like that so it does make the DP & the pots at least useful for me again.

Also it will let me and other people go dungeons more often to collect DP to get more honor.
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Thank you all for taking the time to suggest and explain this.
On the next update we will have the cubes upgraded to give more honor points.
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