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Draka's Event Pass 2024


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Oct 19, 2014
The World
Greetings Nevarethians!
We are here to present you our newest event, the Draka's Event Pass!


Event Duration:
Until 19th of May, 24:00 (Sunday Midnight), Server Time

Event Description:
Little Draka is growing and as he gets stronger and stronger, he is able to roam the lands of Nevareth and fight its villains!
He is now offering his loot to all players who are supporting Cabal World via the Event Pass!
There are a total of 40 tiers available to reach and claim rewards for!
Tier rewards include but are not limited to, the brand new Turmacan's Energy Batteries, item packages, honor medal packages, body and weapon costumes, astral shapes, pets, elemental crystals, divine stones and a lot more!
Along the tier rewards, there are bonuses that players receive in most tiers. These bonuses vary from tier to tier and include Premium Service Gold, Main and Bonus eCoins, Force Gems, Master Craftsman Attempts and Wheel of Fortune Spins!
Limited time offers will be also available on each tier with even more extras to claim, such as Draka's Giftboxes and Force Gems!
These limited offers will sometimes also rotate, so make sure to always check the event pass page, to see the latest extras!
Make sure you keep an eye on the event pass page, because there are not only limited time offers for tiers, but there are also days, when the XP received is boosted.

Important! Tiers can be reached a lot easier this time, but the event is only running for 23 days total, so make sure to grab those goodies while you can!
The Event Pass page will show exactly how much XP is received for your purchases.

How to gain XP:
  • Any pruchases made in the digital currency shop will grant XP
Mystery Boxes:
The Mystery Boxes are returning and this time around they have the Dragon's Eggs and Draka's Giftbox
There are a total of 5 Mystery Boxes:
  • Normal
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythic
You will be able to receive Dragon's Eggs #1~#5 and additionally, each of the lower tier boxes have the chance to give higher level Eggs.
Mythic box will have the highest chance of the higher level Eggs and the most chance for directly giving a Draka's Giftbox!
Important! Probability of mystery box items are now displayed next to each of the possible items.

Important: Rewards are given for each tier, including bonuses and limited time offers!
You can claim a reward once you reach maximum xp for that tier, so you can claim a total of 40+ rewards guaranteed and with the additional bonuses inside and limited time offer extras a lot more!

Note: Spending Force Gems is not giving any Tier XP this time, so keep this in mind!

Check your current xp progression and tier live by clicking here!
Final note: The event is now fully automated once maxed out your xp, you can claim the rewards!

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